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Life after Graduation

Shawn TeoAfter graduating with a Bachelor in Computing in 2001, i started my career in the IT Industry. I must admit i’m a lousy employee. The job i stayed the longest is 2 years in my 5 years of work as an employee and i always clear my MC on top of my leave.

I Job hop every year to get myself a pay rise year after year. In my 5 years in IT, think i change more than 5 companies. The shortest is 6 months. In my last IT job, i got a wake up call from my manager. “You change job every year. Isn’t it just another JOB? Which i think its pretty true. Whichever job i choose, its still another JOB with 14-20 days leave at pay increment of probably 5-10% increment per annual. So what is it that i’m searching for?

As i got married in 2006, i bought my first HDB. Expenses start to rise as many of my home items were bought via the $0 instalment. My family and relative sponsor many of my furniture such as Fridge, washing machine, TV and Sofa. Nice family huh? My other furniture was on the $0 instalment plan which was popular then. However i realise that its eating into my saving every month. I can barely save after my monthly salary having to pay housing loan, car loan and all these $0 instalment plan.

Lifestyle as a Real Estate Agent

I decided to get a part-time job to pay my bills. I decided to go into real estate, joining the agent that bring me go see my first house. This guy has his way. He’s always positive and smiling and doing well in his sales constantly even while i’m writing this blog.

I started knocking on people door in HDB as my mentor is doing this as well. I started going part-time to compliment my full time job, but i would say i’m probably the most hardworking part-time agent. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening after work, i would go knock door in my HDB estate till about 9pm. Well, get my rejection, i persist and managed to get my first listing 2 and a half month later which was a Exec Mais. I close that deal within a month and got more than 10k for my first deal. That year, i sponsor my wife to a nice Europe tour though i still have to top up as i spend more than 10k for it.

During my lunch break or tea break, i would sit down at staircase by my work place alone to fix up appointments for the evening or weekend. I clocked more than 40k during my first year as a part-time agent which i’m pretty proud of as a “PART-TIMER”. Thereafter, i decided to go full time after collecting my bonus and i managed to clock in more than my whole year salary during my first month as a full time agent. I have not open the newspaper or look back ever since.

When I first started my real estate career, I did not know a thing about selling or leasing a property. As I gain more knowledge in doing real estate, I found it very challenging and the idea of helping people buy their first home, sell or leasing their property at their expectation, it brings me a great satisfaction. Now after so many years later, I have fully understand what my friend told me. I have been very lucky to find a career that I truly love. Over the past years, I have helped hundreds of families realize their dream of buying and selling properties.

Changing Sector in Real Estate

During my first year as a real estate agent, i managed to clock in more than 100k per year doing rental, resale and HDB. that 100k+ per annual might seems “small amount” to many people, but it consists of many deals especially for rental which are smaller in value.

I happen to meet a friend for lunch and was exposed to primary market or developer sales. She happen to close a deal then which i realize pay much better than what i’m getting per deal. Tempted by it, i move on to doing primary market. I managed to get my self on the chart too that year doing primary market. You can read more about my achievement here.

As i perform well, more and more agents and friends started to join me and i started to build a team. I enjoy working with fellow peers as i learn alot from them too. I realized i learn more as i teach. Being a leader, nothing beats seeing you agents on the chart.


Lifestyle as an Internet Marketer

After hyping and running on the road doing road show, its pretty fun, though tiring. I began to notice some of my colleagues constantly closing and constantly having appointments. Slowly, i begin to realize that they are doing Internet Marketing. I started to learn, going youtube and going various courses. Having a background in IT does help alot to speed up my learning curve.

Cut the story short, I’m happy of what i have learn to adopt and change to market conditions. Internet Marketing increase my leads tremendously. I also get pay check at time doing affiliates marketing. Now, i get better results then previous, though i don’t spend that much effort. Probably as the saying goes “Work hard, Work Smart”.

We control our own destiny. If i can, you can too.


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Hi Everyone, I'm Shawn. Nice meeting you on my Blog. I'm an Internet Marketer and also in the Real Estate Industry. Do connect and network with me.We Only Live ONCE. Live your life to the fullest with no regret.

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