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A career in Real Estate though rewarding, but it still got its pros and cons. Is this the right career for you?


Pros of Real Estate

The Pros? Rewarding with flexible timing. A Real estate agent is self-employed that survive soley from getting commission for their deals transacted. Each unit per deals often equivalent to a month pay of a professional or even more. 

Timing is flexible, there's won't be people waking you up for work, with no annual leave etc.

You are your own boss and you determine your "company vision", "budgeting", "marketing approach".


Cons of Real Estate

Though real estate is rewarding financially, it might not be for everyone. 

Renumeration is not fixed. As real estate agent work their commission, they are only paid when they close a deal. Those days that they didn't close deals, they won't be paid there which is more financially insecure.

Timing though flexible, however, it takes lots of discipline for one to wake up at 7am to do their work. 

As you are your own boss, you MUST really work like a boss. Whether like a MNC boss or a sole proprietor. A sole priorietor must learn various trade, from admin, to sales and marketing, setting vision, and doing own account. 



Real Estate is a great career to be in. However, one really has to be positioned correctly in terms of attitude, mindset, discipline, self-moticated, hardwork, enjoy networking and meeting people are some attributes that one need to have to be a successful realtor. The reward will come thereafter. For a non-obligation discussion of your Career in Real Estate, do drop us a call at 6100 0877.


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