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Defining Competitive Position

The differences between regular salesperson and sales strategist is their reactions to challenges. Normal instinctual reaction to a challenge is either “fight” or “flight”, that is getting into conflict or running away. That often how most salesperson react to the inevitable obstacles that run in their way by both competitors and customers.

There are 5 elements in Sun Tze strategic tool kit in defining competitive position

  • Philosophy: unique idea around which a strategic position is organized.
  • Heaven: describe as change, as the climate or weather
  • Earth: Territory where the “sales battle” takes place
  • The Leader: Realm of individual character
  • Methods: define a strategic position and proiding the backbone of strategic analysis


In above 5 elements, Heaven set the trends that change over time. As the realm of gods, heaven is beyond our control. Good example will be the Weather and the cycle of seasons. In the salesperson context, economic trends, business cycles, government measures etc, often cannot be controlled.

Earth represent the economic foundation or the battle ground. In salesperson context, it refers to the customer base. Unlike Heaven where we cannot control, earth is something that we can touch and control. You choose the customer that you want to serve. Somebody that worth your time and attention. You choose your products. You match products to your respective customers. You set your position.

The Leader will be a poerson who makes decision at the battle field. A leader master the strategies to make the right decisions at any point in time.

Philosophy is a shared goal or purpose. Your philosophy is the beating heart of your strategic position that unites you and your customer together

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