Guide to Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook has included severals features to Facebook Messenger Ads, allowing new ways to communicate with customers. There are 3 primary features of these Facebook Messenger Ads

  • Sponsored Messages Placement
  • Messenger Home Placement
  • Messenger Destination


Sponsored Messages Placement

A Sponsored Messages Placement is a placement option which shows the advertisement on the home screen and also within someone messenger. Facebook however limit whom you can target, which is only those that have ever messaged your page before. You can create this audience within Page Engagement Custom Audiences. If you haven’t created these audiences, Click on “Create news” and then select “Custom Audience”.

Custom Audience


Messenger Home Placement

For Facebook Messenger Home Placement, advertisers will have the options of placing their ads in few placements like Desktop news feeds, instagram feed, facebook mobile news feeds etc.

There are 2 options in selecting placement such that the ad will appear on the home screen and also below the user facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger Destination


Messenger Destination

Facebook Messenger Destination provide a means for advertisers to create advertisement within a conversation within Facebook Messenger. Advertising will have the option of redirecting user upon clicking on the advertisement, often an external URL. You will also need to provide the content of the advertisement which include Headline, Call to Action and also Newsfeed Link Description.

Facebook Messenger Destination


Things for Thoughts

Messenger Destination will be a better way to get a conversation going prior a prospect commitment. It can be service or product related.

As Sponsored Messages Placement get straight into a prospect private Facebook messenger, it can be intrusive if you just spam it randomly. Its often a fine line between spamming and advertising. Its good to target only those who has either pm you especially on your product / service related Facebook page.

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