Making Youtube Ad Magic: Learn how you can setup your first ad up today!

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Heard of Youtube? Heard of videos uploaded and shared? Heard also of different Ads?

No worries, that’s easy and peasy!

The first thing is finding your Ad manager and in there, click the Ad of your preference. Because we are creating Youtube Ads, scroll down a bit then click option for video.

This action will bring you to a new page.

In here, you need to place the groundwork that penetrates in your Ad. In this window, you need to place the settings that will permit you to your Ad tasks the manner it should be.

The first column is the name of the campaign, easy and self-explanatory, be sure to place in the title of the campaign. Give it any name you wanted.

You are now ready for the next step, setting the desired video Ad. Standard setting is the best choice here to keep your add running but when you decide to promote an  E-commerce item or an app, you can use the other alternatives.

Now, there is a need to select between Bumper Ads and In stream or video discovery Ads. This is followed by choosing CPV and CPM value of your Ad.

Either an automatic bidding or manual bidding to be done for Advertisers to show an Ad.

Manual bidding is best to if you want to maintain your reduced cost. To newbies, it is suggested that you will use automatic bidding on other kinds of Ads, but for Youtube, only manual bidding is allowed.

Before jumping to the next page, explore the Advanced Delivery Methods menu, under here, you may set your planned locations, networks, and delivery method.

One significant thing to remember,  hit your local market if operating a mortar or brick business, or if providing services in a certain area.

There are other more options but set aside this for awhile,  so much to learn in the future if you are just interested.

In the succeeding page, decide the video that you prefer to use as an Ad together with its price. This is another feature of Google Adwords for Youtube. It has the ability to set for a higher bid from the existing bid for trending videos. Higher bids will attract the people to utilize your Ad frequently for famous videos. An increased bid yields a high possibility for more audiences to your Ad.


Targeting is another factor why an Ad succeeded.  You must learn some techniques on making your Ads reach the appropriate audience.

With a wrong targeting style, your Ad would just be futile. Before hitting your desired audiences, you must have enough knowledge on the role of Ad targeting.

Interests and demographics

The two major settings that permit an adjustment are the Interest and demographics that you plan to hit and given with various choices, it calls for an extensive analysis and efficient plans on methods to reach a volume.

It is better to focus first on the general demographics. Who are your audiences for your Ad? For instance, you are into reselling of makeup, so your focus would be women between 18 – 40 and if you are into selling of gym instruments, naturally your plan would be to hit 18-40 also.

Secondly, you may target the actual interest group that gives attention to your products. Either you pick from the list or look for an interest that you desire to utilize.


We are in a situation where you can be allowed to refer so you can grab your Ad off the ground. For instance, you can pick Sports and Wellness interests for weight loss product promotion, or a gym coach for men around the ages of  18-40.  Side by side you can also introduce a weight loss guide for Beauty and  Wellness among women in ages between 18-40.

Come up with your brilliant Ad ideas, let it work efficiently! This world has endless possibilities!

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