Setting Up Your First Ever Facebook Advertisement

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Running Ads

Is running an ad ignites an interest?  If yes, then stick around!

Let us give it a start!


Setting Your Goals

The moment you are an ad manager to a facebook account, the first step to take is to choose an object that fits your niche. Each has a need opposite with the other and Facebook is sensitive on this matter thus facebook sees to it that she provides precise, hit traffic solution, rather than the old school form of media which is one size fits all.

Now there is a need for you to decide, what are you after of, some are after of the traffic drawn to their pages, while others are only after of the leads that show interest in buying their products.

With the available E-commerce options, it would be that easy to market your Shopify store.  Since this is just an example, we will presume that your goal is to pull traffic to those on the external site.

Next, your basic personal information must be provided.

In Facebook, there is that option where it needs for a pixel to be added to your page, let us go back on this,  the focus now is how to start the Ad and keep it running.

Down of your ad setting, add the URL  to bring the audience to a destination once the ad is given a click. It is futile when your ad was successfully created and flawlessly running on Facebook, yet negative in the destination of  URL for possible traffic.

Now you are ready to start audiences for the ad.

The ad requires some vital targeting

Now you will be able to create an audience for your ad.

The ad needs some vital targeting for it to function properly, an absence of it will lead to poor performance of the ad.

It is same as saying selling soft toys to middle-aged bikers,  it will not have a desirable output.  Before choosing your audience, you need to evaluate the service or product that you wanted to promote,  and the responses of the chosen audiences to your product. Trending products market best to the millennials in contrary to the adults where they are after of the product of their necessity and those which goes in sync with their taste and its durability.

It is in here that Detailed targeting comes in. In choosing a detailed targeting ad, you can then decide which niche to hit or ignore.

Primary Demographic Based Preference

For your basic preferences or options, you may edit audiences, age, gender, location and common language.

It is best if you are to hit neighboring geographical location. An example of it, a bar somewhere in Southern California need not advertise around east coast area. It would be best to target Millenials that live within the premises of the same state or just near to the physical area location. Foodcourts, gym, clubs, bar, coffee shop and local businesses opted to market with audiences within the area only because it would be silly for one to travel to buy or have the services when those are available in their footsteps only.

Detailed targeting allows you to do a lot more. Using the previous example, bar can target audiences that love beer, craft beer pages, beer, and beer related pages.

Ad position can be edited, but you are allowed for an ad that appears in one position only.  But this will limit the frequency of your ad’s show and this is not desirable.

Ad Settings

Time for you to edit the creativity of our ad. While your ad consists of various styles and designs, you need to explore the ads and figure out which is the great design for you.

After which,  on your add, you need to change the sales copy and furnish  Facebook with the needed payment information.

Reminder, check your financial status, and how will you be charged for those ads before operating.

Since you have now enough knowledge and understanding on the role of ads in your Facebook, it would be the right time for you to create your own and run it.