Succeeding as a Salesperson

To start with, “Selling is expensive“. Selling only pays well if you close sales. Whether a self employed sales person or a salary base salesperson, the risk is there. It might seems more secure for a salary base compared with purely commission base salesperson. However, often a salaried base salesperson are the first to be terminate for those who failed to hit their sales target.

Succeed as a salesperson


1) Don’t be complacent

“Selling slowly is too costly to be successful”. A complacement salesperson always loses to a hungry one. Long periods without a sales drain your enthusiam. Long Sales cycles deplete your time, energy and resrouces.

What happen what you are complacent? You lose sales to someone who needs them more.

What happens when your enthusiasm fades? You don’t have the energy to continue.

As your sales efforts weaken, you inspire your competitors to attack you.

It doesn’t matter how smart you think you are. You can’t get ahead once you’ve fallen behind.


2) You control your destiny.

You are never completely insure against failure when you go into sales. You are therefore unlimited in the success that you can achieve from sales.


3) Understanding your Position

Selling to remote, new prospects is close for you and your company. Supporting prospects in a foreign land puts more pressure on a salesperson, both mentally, financially and knowledge. On the other hand, Selling to crowded, Competitive market is risky due to high cost and often not rewarding. Fisherman goes to where the fishes are. However, when more fisherman appears at the same spot, marketing cost, your Unique Selling Proposition gets diminish. These high risk can deplete your resources at at much faster pace.

When sales are slow, you must accept orders of questionable value. Lowering prices undermines your credibility entirely. As a Salesperson, cutting your prices to win a sales leaves you with nothing.


4) Customer is what makes your Successful

Focus on what makes you Successful.¬†Generating sales from your existing prospects often give you the highest return. “Fight for Customers’ ¬†business”. Win sales by offering your customers persuasive benefits. Reward those who buy first. use the first customers to being in more sales in the form of referral. Often those who referred know which of their friends or relatives has that need for that service.

Customer is what makes you successful. Adopt a win-win situation by helping your customer while you help yourself.


5) Successful by Winning Sales

Make yourself successful by winnning sales. As a salesperson, your skills is the difference. Quality salesperson make products and companies more appealing. Your sales skill determine how easy or difficult it is to sell your product.

Written by Shawn Teo

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