Planning your Territory

To build your territory, you have to plan and attack it AGGRESSIVELY. You cannot be passive in this process. Fight small in a territory where you have a clear advantage over your competitors. A small territory is strong. A spread out territory is weak. A divided effort fails.

You can meet a hundred objections and overcome them to win sales. This however does not make you a great salespeson. You want to win without raising a single objection. “This is your highest goal”.


It’s best to sell before prospect starts shopping. The next best is to sell through referrals where your first point of contact already qualify the referral. The next best is to show better value than the alternatives. “Better value” to the extend is hard to reject.

You can win new customers eitehr directly or even from your competitors. Focus your efforts on avoiding resistance. You must find ways to win customers quickly in the shortest period.

In Sales, you have to commit everything to winning customers. Never stop selling when you are with prospects.  You can gain the advantage if you focus and plan your sales strategy well in advance.

Small companies cannot sell to board markets. However, large companies cannot satisfy niche markets. Rules for winning Customers

  • if your product is 10 times better, just take orders
  • if your product is 5 times better, assume the sale
  • if your product is twice as good, pick better prospects
  • if your product is equal, sell only to the best prospect
  • if your product is weaker, sell when the competition cannot
  • if your product is much weaker, find niche market

You must know your priorities in selling. You cannot sell whenever and to whomever you want. To win over your customers, you must

  • know when to sell a big order and when to sell a small order
  • know how to share your customers’ goals.
  • know how to turn problems into opportunities
  • know when to work on your customers and when to leave them alone
  • know which prospect to sell to and which prospects to avoid.

When you know your products and your prospects, you can win in what you sell. The philosopy of winning sales.


Written by Shawn Teo

Hi Everyone, I'm Shawn. Nice meeting you on my Blog. I'm an Internet Marketer and also in the Real Estate Industry. Do connect and network with me.We Only Live ONCE. Live your life to the fullest with no regret.

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